4 women accused of stealing more than $12K worth of hair from store

Social media helped to identify the suspects

HOUSTON - Two women have been arrested and two are on the run after being accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from a Houston hair shop.

The owner of Mr. Indian Hair on Almeda says he was hit hard by thieves. More than $12,000 worth of inventory was stolen from inside by at least three women. But they were caught thanks to social media.

"I'm thinking they may end up on the dumbest criminals," said Mr. Indian Hair owner Kehloin Farooq.

He is a small business owner and in one day his inventory was wiped clean. The thieves were after locks of hair.

"It's not beauty supply hair, it's not synthetic, it's imported from India. It's virgin Indian hair; is high quality that lasts women over a year in time," Farooq said.

Close to 70 pieces were stolen last month. And security cameras were rolling when four women came in and gathered the hair by the bundles. That day Farooq was not in the store but did receive a phone call prior to the theft.

"One of the culprits in the crime called me about particular piece of hair. I told her to go by the store then 10 minutes later my employee called and said we were robbed," he said.

That cell number would be critical to cracking the case. And the story gets better -- to sell the stolen goods the suspects posted pictures on Instagram.

"I called the detective and said these girls are on Instagram with the hair in their head talking about it. They are saying Mr. Indian Hair looks great I'm like oh wow this is crazy," said Farooq.

Gayle Quoquisia, 27, and Sherrell Hadnot were arrested and charged with organized retail theft.

This hardworking small business owner is glad the woman is caught but his loss is significant.

"People haven't woke up that you have to work and get your own," he said.

Warrants have been issued for two of the women accused in the ring. If you know the whereabouts of Alisa Flannagan or Jameisha Kennon, you are asked to call police.

Investigators say they found other reports of similar bulk thefts and that the alleged getaway vehicle -- a white Mazda sedan -- was involved in at least one other similar theft incident.

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