3 people hurt when driver slams into store in Galveston

It happened during the busy lunchtime rush at Peak Nutrition

GALVESTON, Texas - Three people were hurt when a driver slammed into a store in Galveston. It happened Wednesday during the busy lunchtime rush at a place called Peak Nutrition on Central City Boulevard.

A man drove over a curb and through a brick wall, crashing into the store. The Galveston Police Department says that driver and two others were injured including the store's manager. She told us she was extremely fortunate her injuries weren't more severe.

Beth Ledeaux says she was at the counter of Peak Nutrition when the truck came crashing into the business. She was treated at the ER for cuts and bruises, but said at first, the chaos left her in shock. The truck ended up just inches from the counter.

"It was this far away from me and the truck so if I'd been leaning over... My angels were looking out for me today. That's all I can say. I'm very fortunate," Ledeaux said.

She says the man behind the wheel seemed to have more serious injuries and was rushed to the hospital.

A customer in the store wasn't injured. By Wednesday afternoon, crews could be seen cleaning up the mess and trying to secure the business.

All of this as Ledeaux sat nearby, thankful she's alive.

Galveston police say the driver of the truck had a seizure causing him to drive into the business. They say he suffered several cuts, but his injuries aren't expected to be life-threatening.

Another man was also taken to the hospital with cuts from the shattered glass.

The store manager told Local 2 she doesn't yet know how long it will be before they will be able to reopen the store.

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