Watch Gov. Greg Abbott deliver an update on the state's coronavirus response from Beaumont at 12 p.m. Central Time

Gov. Greg Abbott will travel to Beaumont on Tuesday to meet with local officials and provide an update on the state's coronavirus response.

The meeting will happen at the Jefferson County Clerk's Office and feature the state's chief of emergency management, Nim Kidd. Later Tuesday, Abbott and Kidd will travel to Victoria to provide another briefing and meet with officials there.

Abbott will speak as data shows coronavirus hospitalizations declining in Texas, with some 7,500 coronavirus patients reported in Texas hospitals on Sunday. That’s down from a late July peak of about 11,000 — but remains well above Texas’ levels in the spring, when daily hospitalizations plateaued below 2,000.

But even as hospitalizations reportedly decline other stats have raised concern about the spread of the virus and the state's response.

In the week ending Aug. 8, an average 36,255 coronavirus tests were administered in Texas each day — a drop of about 42% from two weeks earlier, when the average number of daily tests was 62,516. At the same time, the percentage of tests yielding positive results has climbed, up to 20% on average in the week ending Aug. 8. Two weeks earlier, the average positivity rate was around 14%. Earlier in the pandemic, Abbott flagged any positivity rate above 10% as a red flag.

Watch Abbott's press conference live on Tuesday beginning at 12 p.m. The feed is courtesy of NBC DFW.