‘COVID-19 has not left’: Abbott urges people to continue wearing masks, following health guidelines

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BEAUMONT, Texas – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott discussed the status of the coronavirus pandemic in the state during a news conference Tuesday morning.


Abbott applauded residents in Jefferson County for their response to COVID-19. He said the area has been proactive in following guidelines and working to bring down case numbers.

The governor said he is particularly impressed by the use of blood plasma in the area and urged everyone who has tested positive and recovered to consider giving blood plasma that can help others recover.

While the numbers look better, Abbott said hospital occupancy in Jefferson County is still high and there needs to be an effort to get those to come down.

“COVID-19 has not left ... the state of Texas,” Abbott said. “COVID-19 still spreads across this region and across the country just as fast as is did in July.”

Abbott said the only way to reduce the spread is for people to continue to follow best practices such as wearing a mask, social distancing, staying home and washing their hands.

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