Texas Supreme Court justice tests positive for coronavirus

A gavel
A gavel (WDIV)

Texas Supreme Court Justice Debra Lehrmann is the first high-ranking state official with a known case of COVID-19, The Dallas Morning News reported Thursday.

Lehrmann and her husband, Greg, who also tested positive for the virus, got tested at one of Austin’s drive-thru testing centers last week after experiencing fevers and body aches, the News reports.

Lehrmann called her infection “perplexing” since she and her husband “strictly adhered” to stay-at-home orders since early March. The pair have been working from home and wearing masks and gloves when they venture out to the grocery store.

“We were just extremely careful — and then we get it,” Lehrmann told the News. “How in the world would that happen? We have no idea. All I know is it must be very contagious.” — Stacy Fernández