Texas: How has coronavirus changed your life?

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In this time of social distancing to limit the spread of the new coronavirus, our multimedia team is looking to Texans to share their stories with us. We want to gather videos from a diverse group of people in the state: first responders, teachers, students, business owners, nursing home residents and staff, farmers, etc. A few tips for capturing a good video –

  • Turn the phone or tablet horizontal.
  • Make sure you have good lighting – use natural light, stand near a window when you can or go outside.
  • Stand still holding the camera eye level. You can also prop up your device on a table or books.
  • Be sure you're in a quiet space, or talk about why you can't be — why it's noisy.
  • Make it brief – ideally around two to three minutes at most.

When you’re done, click on this link – trib.it/submit. Fill out your name, email address and current city in the fields provided and click "Upload."