2 teens charged with vandalizing, setting fire at school in Clear Lake

By Nakia Cooper - Senior Web Editor
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Two teens were charged with felonies after breaking into their former school, then starting a fire and vandalizing the property, according to Houston police.

Charles Henry Champion and Gavin Xavier Galios, both 17 years old, were charged with arson and burglary of a building.

Champion and Galios were former students of Clear Lake Christian School located in the 14300 block of Crescent Landing Drive.

Champion was removed from the school due to disciplinary problems and was not allowed to come back because of his past behavior, administrators said.

Police say Champion, Galios and three others broke into the school on Aug. 3 and caused a lot of damage.

They even posted evidence of their crime on social media. Surveillance video also showed the group in the school, so police had little trouble tracking them down.

When questioned by police, the teens said it was all Champion's idea, according to court documents.

They said Champion convinced them to break into the school, saying it would "look cool" to start a fire.

Investigators say Champion drove the group to the school, then climbed through a second story entrance to let them all in. Once inside, Champion allegedly posted a picture on Instagram saying he was "breaking and entering" into the school. The photo was taken inside near the gym.

After that, the teens got busy stealing and damaging the place, investigators say.

Galios allegedly confessed his participation to police.

Galios said after he entered the school, he stole a Barq's Root Beer, then set a fire in a downstairs bathroom using Germex. He said two others kept placing soap and more Germex on the fire, which caused it to burn hotter.

Police also found vulgar and profane graffiti in the school, including a swastika drawing and other language degrading religious beliefs. The teens all said Champion drew the swastika.

The estimated cost of damage in the bathroom topped $1,000. The counters were burned and the mirror was cracked. The teens also stole volleyball jerseys, valued at $76 each.

The bond for both Champion and Galios was set at $30,000.

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