Texas lawmaker proposes bill that would allow weapons in classrooms

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - A Texas state representative is setting his sights on a new bill that would give teachers the right to use deadly force in the classroom.

HBl 868, titled the Teacher's Protection Act, would give teachers that right on campus, on a school bus or at school-sponsored activities to defend not only themselves and students, but school property. It was authored by Rep. Dan Flynn, (R-District 2).

Some residents aren't shooting down the idea, but they also aren't yet endorsing it.

"In light of the many tragedies that we've had all over the United States at different schools it's a thought," says Janice Melton. "However, I don't want to back up like we're in the cowboy days where everybody is carrying guns."

What troubles some who have voiced concerns is the possibility that a teacher could use a weapon against a student.

"That is the most absurd piece of legislation I have ever seen come up," said Gayle

Fallon, president of the Houston Federation of Teachers. Fallon is a gun owner and gun rights supporter but said the classroom is no place for teachers to be carrying weapons. Fallon said she will go to Austin to lobby against the bill if it makes it out of committee. She doesn't deny that the bill's success is a possibility.

"I have great faith that they could get that through," Fallon said . "I hope every parent gets a copy and reads it carefully and realizes they are putting their kids in great danger."

The bill also would grant civil immunity to a teacher who used deadly force, meaning that the teacher would not be liable for the injury or death of someone whom they shot.

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