Texans ready to take on Patriots

Texans are 13-4 this season, take on Patriots Sunday

By Randy McIlvoy - Sports Director

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - With only hours away until kickoff, it's win or home. The Texans, once said to be the people's choice, now are the team most believe has not shot at an upset.

Local 2's Randy McIlvoy says sometimes, the underdog role is the best place to be. The Texans embrace the negative talk and instead will do their talking between the lines.

The Texans are 13-4 this season, so in their minds, winning in Foxborough is expected.

Tom Brady had made a great living in New England. When many felt he would never amount to anything, the former late round pick is now in season 13 at the age of 35, and destined for the Hall of Fame.

"We don't get too many opportunities like this in our career," said Brady this week. "I cherish all the chances that I and the Patriots get in the playoffs and to reach our goals. I've been fortunate that I have been to Super Bowls and had success but this is a new year and we have a big challenge Sunday against the Texans."

"He's one of the best all-time in NFL history," said Texans Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips in describing Tom Brady this week. "He's a great one and have proven it over so many years."

In December, Brady was nearly perfect in the Pats 42-14 rout. Brady was built for games like this Sunday's, along with Super Bowls as well. The Texans know that stopping #12 is next to impossible, but rattle his cage and bring some pressure, and the Texans will have a shot.

"We're ready to go," said rookie Linebacker Whitney Mecilus this week. "It's a win or go home approach for us and we will leave it all on the field Sunday against the Patriots. We'll have to be at our best to slow down Brady."

The Texans and Patriots kick off the AFC Divisional round playoff at 3:30pm Houston time on Sunday in Foxborough.

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