Texans lineman Duane Brown explains how he was touched by an angel

Last off-season Brown cemented his legacy in Houston by signing a 7-year, $56.2 million contract extension with the Texans

HOUSTON - Houston Texan's offensive lineman Duane Brown is one of the most popular players on the team. He is so active in the community, he makes public appearances seem like his part time job; and standing 6 feet 4 inches makes him easy to find when he is out on the town.

Brown is married to Houston radio host Devon Anjelica, known as Devi Dev on the airwaves. These are all facts you might have already known about Duane Brown.

In an interview with Local 2 Sports Anchor Chester Pitts, a former teammate of Brown's, Duane discussed his life before he became a Houston Texan. He also disclosed a very personal story of how he says "he was saved by an angel."

Brown was hit by a car when he was 9-years-old.

"It's lunch hour traffic, and for some reason, I thought I could cross the street before this car got there. I was hit by the car, going about 40 miles per hour," Brown recalled, "My brother told me he saw it, and he thought it was over."

That's when Duane's life was saved by two people he had never met.

"I told my mother this, 'I was grabbed by the arms of my father's mother, who was dead before I was born, and his grandmother. They guided me to the yard, no broken bones. I scratched my elbow. My bike bent completely in half under the car, and I got up and walked away from it."

"I tell this story for any non-believer in angels or guardian angels," Brown said of his childhood memory.

Duane walked away from the accident and has gone on to become a fixture in Houston sport's history.

Last off-season, he cemented his legacy in Houston by signing a 7-year, $56.2 million contract extension with the Texans.

Brown has used some of his new-found fortune to support the woman who supported him for years, his mother.

"My mother's been ill for a long time. She's been working to provide, and once I was able to provide for her, you know that's the greatest feeling ever, to be able to retire your parents, that's a great feeling." 

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