Texans LBs respond well to player-turned-coach Vrabel

Vrabel spent 7 seasons with New England Patriots

By Simone Eli - Sports Reporter

HOUSTON - It's said that those who know the game best, used to play it.

That's definitely the case for new Texans linebacker coach Mike Vrabel - a former Patriot, now trying to amp up the Texans defense.

The ex-Pats defender knew he would make the transition from professional player to professional coach when his playing days were over.

"As soon as they fired me from the NFL, as soon as I couldn't play football anymore," Vrabel said. "I've been lucky and blessed enough to play for a lot of great coaches going all the way back to high school, so I try to just take what I've learned from them and blend it into our style."

Texans players have found themselves trying to keep up with Vrabel's enthusiasm.

"I feel like he's running out here, he's beating us to the drills each and every day, each and every drill - so we're out here just trying to keep up with him really, he brings the excitement we're just trying to lean on that and take what we can from him and preform when they call our name," said Texans linebacker Justin Tuggle.

Vrabel has also made a huge impression on No. 1 overall pick Jadeveon Clowney.

"I think I have one of the best coaches in the game and this business, listening to him and talking to him. So I'm going to listen to him more than anybody," Clowney said.

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