Texans, Houstonians give high marks to Ann Romney's speech

HOUSTON - The woman who could become the county's next first lady is getting high marks for the speech she delivered at the Republican National Convention Tuesday night.

Ann Romney focused more on her family's personal story and less on politics as she tried to humanize her husband, Mitt Romney, to convention delegates, television viewers and undecided voters.

"I know this good man for what he is," said Ann Romney. "He's warm and loving and patient. No one will move heaven and earth like Mitt Romney to make this country a better place to live."

Political experts said Ann Romney is her husband's best advocate as he tries to close the gender gap ahead of the November presidential election.

"We have to remember she's not a politician and she went out there on stage and did an outstanding job," said Mark Jones, chair of the political science department at Rice University.  "I would give her an A. We'll have to see if she gets an A+ when we look at the poll numbers in a few weeks."

Texan Jacob Becker was sitting in the audience as Ann Romney spoke to delegates and guests.

"I think it riled the female base of the party. I don't know if it won everyone else over," said Becker. "But it maybe reassured them it's not too crazy to like Mitt Romney. He's a likeable guy."

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