Texans fans losing faith in Schaub

HOUSTON - It's never a good sign when there are more fans sporting Colin Kaepernick's jersey than Matt Schaub's. Yet that was the case Sunday night as hundreds of Texans fans packed into Texans Grille to watch Sunday night's Texans-49ers game. 


"C'mon, another one?"  Texans fan Alex Hernandez yelled as quarterback Matt Schaub threw his fourth pick six in as many games Sunday, an NFL record.  "I really thought he was going to improve, but he didn't."


Any faith Texans fans still had in Matt Schaub disappeared faster than 49ers cornerback Tremaine Brock into the end zone after he intercepted Schaub's first pass attempt of the game.


"That's four pick six's already (this season)," Texans fan Alfredo Rodarte said. "That's leaving a bad taste in everybody's mouth right now. Maybe it's time for (Schaub) to go."


The only cheers of the night inside Texans Grille came in the fourth quarter when Schaub was replaced by backup quarterback T.J. Yates.  By that point, however, the Texans fate had already been decided. 

It remains to be seen now whether the same is true for Matt Schaub as the Texan's starting quarterback.


"I don't think (Schaub) will take us to where we need to be to get a ring," Rodarte said.


Now sporting a losing record for the first time in three seasons, most Texans fans would gladly settle for just a spot in the playoffs.


"It's sad," Rodarte said with his Texans face paint smeared. "We shouldn't be there. We shouldn't be below 500."

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