Texans fans feel sting of Sunday's loss

Mixed reactions from die-hard fans

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HOUSTON - Fans hoping to see the Texans make history Sunday ended up feeling the sting of a bitter loss.

Fans at the Houston Texans Grille in west Houston were glued to the set, but most didn't end up sticking around for desert.

"Even though it's my birthday and they lost on it, I'm still happy they're in the playoffs. Go Texans!" said a Texans fan.

After being in the AFC driver's seat the entire regular season, some speculate Sunday's loss was the biggest collapse in recent memory.

While there were moments of gladness, despair was the overall theme for fans at the Texans Grille.

"All we had to do was win this one, and we had home field Texans playoff games. And this is what they did?" said Ryan McGinty, a disappointed Texans fan.

Even though fans were heart-broken over the loss, many said they still believe in the team.

"We think they're still going to do it," said Erica Soraiz, a Houston Texans fan. "They're just taking the hard road."

"it's not looking pretty," said Max Huerta. "But I'm a Texans fan, I believe they're going to win."

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