Texans fan stuffs fake Schaub in trunk

Patti Huff gets nationwide attention for stunt

By Bill Spencer - Investigative Reporter
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HOUSTON - Patti Huff, 58, of Southwest Houston says she never dreamed her idea for dressing-up a Halloween dummy would turn into a nationwide, internet sports story.

"I love my Texans, I love Matt Schaub. I hope he recovers quickly and can play again," Huff said just one day after she watched her Texans get mauled by the St. Louis Rams.

After the game Huff said she was upset with how it all went so she took the Matt Schaub jersey she was wearing off her back and proceeded to put it on the Halloween dummy that is stuffed into the trunk of her Chevrolet HHR.

"I just thought it was perfect with the way Schaub has been going on lately, so as a joke I put the jersey on my dummy with the hand and the foot sticking out of my trunk", Patti says.

But several Houstonians captured Huff's prank on camera and put it out on the internet. A sports reporter for ESPN then took one of those photos and tweeted it out to the masses.

"I had no idea people all over the country would see this and react to it this way, it really was just a joke, it was all in fun," Huff said, still wearing a Houston Texans t-shirt.

The story has become a huge controversial discussion on Facebook and Twitter, and all Huff can do is marvel at what has happened. After all, Huff's home and every room in it is loaded with Houston Texans paraphernalia.

Huff said she truly loves the team and would love to meet Schaub someday.

"I would never hurt him. I hope he is not mad at me, and I hope he is playing again very quickly. This was just a joke, just having fun," says Huff.

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