Terry Hershey Park robbery victim speaks out

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - A victim of a robbery along Terry Hershey Park in west Houston said evidence found on two suspects arrested Monday afternoon connects them to his case.

"I started right here," said Dennis Gregg. 

He has been walking along the trail for 30 years.  But no walk was like the one he took Monday at about 9:30 a.m. from the parking lot on Dairy Ashford. 

Gregg told Local 2, "I heard footsteps behind me and a guy tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around, and had a pistol in my face, and he said give me everything you've got."

Gregg says he gave the masked men his iPhone, car keys, credit cards and $40.  He said he did not look at their faces. 

Gregg said, "They said, 'Walk that way,' and I walked that way and that's a funny feeling if you don't know if they are going to shoot or not."

On Monday afternoon, Houston police arrested two men and a woman in connection with several crimes. Although police would not confirm any connection to the park robberies, sources told Local 2 that evidence was found connecting the two men to at least three of the robberies in the park.

Gregg said that included his stolen phone. 

He said, "It really does hurt to have it happen and you don't want to have it happen to anyone else. You don't want these thugs on the loose. That was really gratifying. The police were really wonderful."

Houston police said Tuesday afternoon that no charges had been filed in what is still considered an active, ongoing investigation.

No one has said if either of the men arrested Monday could be responsible for the rape reported last Friday morning in a bathroom along the trail.

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