Temperatures plunge below freezing

Freeze warning issued for southeast Texas

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HOUSTON - Temperatures plunged below freezing in parts of southeast Texas early Tuesday. A freeze warning was issued until 9 a.m.

"Some spots dipped into the 20s overnight. It is a cold start to the day," KPRC Local 2 meteorologist Mary Lee said.

At 5 a.m., it was 29 degrees in Conroe, 28 in Katy, 31 in Sugar Land, 31 in Angleton and 34 in Houston.

"It's much colder compared to even (Monday) morning. It's 19 degrees colder in Houston, 18 degrees colder in Katy and 19 degrees colder in Conroe. In Angleton, it's 24 degrees colder this morning," Lee said. "It's not quite as windy as we saw yesterday, which is a good thing."

Factoring in the northerly winds, it felt like 27 in Sugar Land, 31 at Bush Intercontinental Airport and 27 in Angleton early Tuesday.

Tuesday's low temperatures were the coldest since Jan. 14, when the morning low fell to 31.

Many Houstonians were excited about the cooler temperatures.

"Christmas is supposed to be cold and all, so it gets you closer to the season," Chudi Nwankwo said.

The high Tuesday will reach 54 degrees at 2 p.m.

"When the sun goes down, temperatures will once again plummet. Radiational cooling will cause temperatures to fall rapidly with clear skies and light winds. Without cloud cover, we won't have anything to insulate us or trap in the warmth. That's why temperatures will fall to the low 30s Wednesday morning. Houston will drop to freezing or near freezing with surrounding areas plunging to below freezing," Lee said. "We're expecting another light freeze. It's best to protect your plants and bring in your pets. It won't be cold enough to freeze pipes though. Temperatures need to drop to 20 degrees or below for pipes to freeze."

On Wednesday, the low temperature is forecast for 32 degrees with a high of 57 degrees. It's expected to warm up by the weekend. The high on Saturday should be 72 degrees.

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