Teens accused of carjacking student who just left graduation ceremony

HOUSTON - The joy and excitement of Jon Richardson's high school graduation night was quickly spoiled after he and his girlfriend robbed and carjacked while hanging out at a park off Veterans Memorial Drive early Sunday morning.

"I saw the four guys walking up to us," Richardson said. "I knew what was going to happen. I didn't want to get hurt, especially my girlfriend."

Richardson said that the four appeared to be teenagers and one of them pulled out a gun, demanding his belongings.

"So, I gave them my cellphone and my car keys," Richardson said.

According to Houston Police, two of the suspects, who turned out to be 14 years old, jumped in Richardson's car while the other two fled in a different vehicle.

A short time later, a Houston police officer noticed the stolen car driving down the road with its high beams on.  Police tried to pull the car over, not knowing it had just been stolen.

The teens refused to pull over and led officers on a short case, investigators said. The car stopped briefly and the teen driver jumped out and took off on foot. That's when the gun-wielding passenger hopped over to the driver's seat and proceeded to lead police on yet another short chase, officials said. This one ended when the driver crashed at the intersection of Garcia and John Alber.

The 14-year-old who pointed the gun at the victims was arrested while the original driver and two other suspects escaped, police said.

The teen was transferred over to Harris County Juvenile authorities, referred on charges of aggravated robbery and felony evading arrest.

"I actually feel bad for (the suspect's) family," Richardson said. "He's 14 and facing those kind of charges?  I feel bad for them."

Richardson and his girlfriend were not injured.

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