15-year-old shot to death by teen during sleepover at Alvin home

By Robert Arnold - Investigative Reporter

ALVIN, Texas - An 18-year-old man has been charged with manslaughter following the death of his friend during a sleepover.

Emilio Flores, 15, was shot and killed Tuesday morning at his home in Alvin.

"It's hard for me. I wish it were a dream," said Flores' sister, Joanna Flores. "We had a joke on him, we used to call him the 'Golden Boy,' because he was a very good child."

The Alvin High School sophomore, who went by Milo, had long been friends with 18-year-old Logan Anderson. The boys were having a sleepover at Flores' house.

There was no yelling, no arguments, just the sound of a door opening and closing at 5:30 Tuesday morning that woke Rita Flores. When she stepped onto the back porch, Flores said she saw her son lying on the cement and Anderson was nowhere to be found.

"He was like heavy breathing, so I thought that he was asleep, tired," said Rita Flores.

Flores said as she tried to wake her son, Anderson suddenly ran up.

"When the boy got here he said, 'Oh, I messed up, I shot him by accident,'" said Rita Flores.

Logan Anderson

Anderson ran off and was arrested a few hours later in the neighboring town of Manvel.

Joanna Flores says she was just teaching her own children about the dangers of playing with guns, never expecting such a painful lesson would be seen in her own family.

"I was just telling them three days ago they need to be careful, life is too short. One day you're here, the next day you're gone," said Joanna Flores.

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