Teen accused of recruiting girls as prostitutes for man speaks out

Lawsuit states that teen has suffered severe mental distress, emotional pain

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

WEBSTER, Texas - A teen accused of bringing young girls to a man's house to participate in sex acts with him is speaking out for the first time since these allegations were made.

"I hope they realize that I'm not the bad person that everybody is making me seem," she told Local 2.

Attorney Robert Clements has filed a lawsuit against Michael Wayne McIntosh, known as Money Mike, on behalf of the teen and her parents. They are suing for damages and say the 17-year-old, who was only 16 when this allegedly happened, has suffered severe mental distress and emotional pain.

"How is my client any less of a victim than all the other girls?" Clements said. "She's only a victim. It's ridiculous to call her a suspect. She didn't do anything different than all the other girls."

The teen told Local 2 she believes she was labeled a suspect and charged with a crime because she had a car and on occasion would drive other teens to McIntosh's Friendswood home.

"The police basically think that since I drive it's all my fault," she said.

The teen said she met McIntosh while working at a local restaurant as a hostess. She said he would often leave her and some of the waitresses large cash tips, sometimes $100 or more. Then, after he gained their trust, she said he would offer to fill their cars up with gas.

"After he's got them a tank of gas or two, then all of a sudden it's, 'Well, come over my house,'" said Clements. "It wasn't until the second, third or fourth time that he would set the hook. That's the point he would make the sexual pitch. That's exactly what a pedophile does to groom young children."

The teen has a criminal charge against her and is also being sued by another teen's family in civil court. Clements is hoping it will all eventually go away.

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