Teen accused of punching classmate in mouth

HOUSTON - A teenage girl said she was left bloody with loose teeth after a classmate punched her in the mouth during lunch.

"Everybody was looking at me. I got up I splashed my milk on him and he punched me right in the mouth," 16-year-old Brejuan Richardson said.

Before that, The Girls and Boys Preparatory Academy student said she was teased, pushed and threatened by 16-year-old Devonte Brown.

She says she was afraid for her safety, so threw milk at him.

At a news conference, Lorenthia Richardson said her daughter will need to have reconstructive surgery.

"I am angry that my daughter was assaulted by the hands of a guy, which is going to result in her losing four front teeth," said Richardson.

"That wasn't my intention. She charged me and I couldn't see nothing," said Brown.

"He's not a bully at all," said Brown's mom.

Brown was arrested and charged with assault. He claimed it was an accident.

Brown's mother sent KPRC Local 2 a picture of a scratch on his face.  She said the whole thing started before lunch, in the hallway, when Brown accidently bumped Richardson. Brown's mother said her son apologized, but Richardson wouldn't accept it.

The Superintendent of The Girls and Boys Preparatory Academy sent KPRC Local 2 the following statement:

"Student safety is of paramount importance. We do everything we can to ensure safety. We are proceeding with internal discipline in accordance with the school's policies and procedures that govern student discipline. We can't release the video because of privacy concerns and can't comment on details of the incident." Dr. Victoria Dunn said.

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