Team of paramedics and new dad deliver baby on side of road

They made it halfway to the hospital when the paramedics made the decision to pull the ambulance over

MONTGOMERY, Texas - A newborn baby is the talk of the town in Montgomery because of where he was born, and who delivered him.

Colt Ryan Pettyjohn was delivered by paramedics in the back of an ambulance after it became clear they weren't going to make it to the hospital in time.

On Friday, his family was reunited with the paramedics who helped bring him into the world at the Montgomery County Hospital District offices.

It all started late last month, when Ryan Pettyjohn got a phone call from his wife, Cassi, telling him she was having contractions. By the time he made it home from work, the couple realized they were out of time.

"I knew we couldn't make it to The Woodlands," said Ryan.
"I always thought watching the movies, when they're going into labor – 'That's all movies.' But it's not," said Cassi.
As Montgomery County paramedic Scott Sanders prepared to walk Ryan through the delivery over the phone, two other paramedics, Ryan Davenport and Wesley Meyer, rushed to the couple's home.

They made it halfway to the hospital when the paramedics made the decision to pull the ambulance over and deliver the baby there.

Ryan Pettyjohn, however, wanted to continue to drive.

"In that time, that 5-10 minutes, I thought they need to be in the back, doing their thing, that I'll drive. We had another 11 miles to go. But they said they couldn't do that, they weren't allowed to. I mean, it made sense to me," said Ryan Pettyjohn.
Colt Ryan eventually did make to the hospital, but only after his birth.

"It was a little nerve-wrecking at first, I'll admit. You're not prepared. We do training but live, to be the only ones there, in charge of it all, it's a little bit different," said Davenport.
Colt Ryan turned four weeks old Thursday. He was welcomed home by an older sister, 4-year-old Hannah.

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