Teacher accused of throwing books at students

Throws books to try and get students under control

HOUSTON - Spring Independent School District substitute teacher is off the job, accused of throwing books and threatening students.

When Craig Underwood got a panicked call from his daughter who was injured at school, he never expected it to be at the hands of the Bammel Middle School staff he trusted. "The teacher is actually doing bodily harm to my child," said Underwood.

Underwood's thirteen year old daughter Latavia said on May 2 a substitute teacher grew angry when a group of students started acting out and throwing things. "They just weren't listening to him and they started standing on desks," Latavia said.

Latavia said she was sitting on her own desk watching, when the teacher began hurling hardback books at her and other students. She said she was hit in the legs and arms and suffered some bruising. "He threw three books at me,"' said Latavia. "He threatened to slap me."

Latavia said she called her father on her cell phone from the classroom.

I asked to speak with the teacher," said Craig Underwood. "The teacher basically after a few minutes of conversation confirmed that he did do that." Underwood said he then drove straight to the school and spoke with a principal. "They basically informed me that they knew what was going on, that there was an investigation," Underwood said.

Spring Independent School District officials confirm the school and district police are investigating and in a statement they said in part, "The paraprofessional resigned effective May 2 and no longer works for the district."

However, Underwood said he won't be satisfied until the teacher is arrested and banned from stepping foot inside all classrooms. "If you can't control your anger as a substitute teacher on your first day in one class then what are you going to do with the other students, so I don't think he should be able to teach again," said Underwood.

The District said they will not release the name of the paraprofessional while the investigation is ongoing.

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