Tanning salon customer's private information released online

Photo of woman's customer profile posted on Instagram

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - A woman said she was concerned when a local tanning salon employee posted her private information on Instagram, a popular photo sharing application on smart phones.

According to Debbie Brannon, a friend noticed the photo post after Brannon visited the Malibu Tan in League City on Sept. 18.

Brannon took a picture of the posting, which showed her full name, age and part of her email address on what appeared to be her customer profile.

"I really don't know what to do," said Brannon. "I don't want to press charges. I don't... my ID can and may have been stolen. Now I have to monitor that for I don't know how long."

She said the employee was one of her former students.

"[I was] disappointed, hurt. I didn't even recognize this young lady. I hadn't seen her in eight year," she said.

The Instagram post has been since been removed.

The company's owner claimed he and his employee have apologized to Brannon, releasing a statement saying, in part: "As the owner of Malibu Tan I have and continue to offer my sincere apologies to Ms. Brannon for her unfortunate experience with our employee. After speaking with Ms. Brannon on the private photo post by our employee, I asked her what I can do to fix or help the situation and her answer was, 'I will have to think about it.' The private post was removed and our employee made two attempts to contact Ms. Brannon and personally apologize. The calls were not accepted nor returned. It was not our employee's intention to harm Ms. Brannon. There was no credit information posted or complete personal information other than her first and last name. My employee always has great behavior, is incredibly polite, and intended no harm towards Ms. Brannon. I do not feel that there is any danger to Ms. Brannon's credit."

League City Police confirm Brannon filed a police report and started an investigation. However, Brannon decided not to file charges.

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