Tanglewood man finds snakes in pool

Pool cleaners say call pest control

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - A Tanglewood homeowner made a disturbing discovery while cleaning his pool and getting it ready for the summer swim season.  He saw what he thought was a highly venomous water moccasin lurking under the surface.

"I was thinking that's a snake. I need to get him out of there," said E. Ted Davis. "It's not fun to have him in your pool."

Davis said he thought the snake was poisonous because he could see its triangular head.

Water moccasins are one of the deadliest snakes in the eastern United States and are usually found near rivers, swamps, and ponds.  However, KPRC Local 2 checked with experts at the Houston Zoo who said this snake was actually an Eastern hognose, which is harmless. There are however venomous snakes in our area, and if you aren't sure, you should stay away from them.

Davis was surprised to find a snake in his swimming pool not once, but twice. A few days after the first one, he found a second in the skimmer basket.

"Of course, had I stuck my hand in there to pull the leaves out, like I normally do, he would have bit me.  No question," said Davis.

He killed both of the snakes with a shovel.

Professional pool cleaners told KPRC Local 2 if you find one, call pest control to safely remove it. 

Officials said the recent rain Houston has had may be what brought the snakes out. 

Davis wants others to know what happened so they can be careful.  He warns to look before you reach or jump in.

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