Student finds corn ear worm in school lunch


A high school student in Pennsylvania found a bug in his school lunch.

The picture snapped by a student at Hughesville High School shows he got a little more than he expected in the lunch he bought in the school cafeteria. On close inspection, it appears to be a worm or maggot.

Word spread throughout the school after that picture quickly went viral on social media.

"I saw it on a Snapchat story,” Dylan Lawson, a high school junior, said. “I was sitting in economics class and just looked at my phone and there was a worm in someone's... popcorn chicken bowl. Honestly, I think that's disgusting."

The East Lycoming School District superintendent confirmed to WNEP a corn ear worm was found in the student's lunch.

"At the end of our high school lunch period, a student showed a cafeteria worker a bug that they had found in their popcorn chicken bowl,” Superintendent Michael Pawlik said. "A popcorn chicken bowl consists of mashed potatoes, mixed with corn and topped with popcorn chicken and gravy. After the student showed the cafeteria staff the bug, they stopped serving the popcorn chicken entree."

"After investigating, it is our belief that the bug was actually a corn ear worm that came in the USDA federal subsidized corn commodity," Pawlik said. "We have since filed a complaint form with the USDA."

Students say they knew this wasn't the fault of anyone working in the cafeteria.

"I know the lunch ladies very well and they're all really nice people,” Lawson said. “I know that they would never intentionally do that or anything. They're all really nice people here."

The student who found the worm has asked not to be identified.

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