Taco truck worker recovering after being shot

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - A taco truck owner is recovering after being shot in southwest Houston.

Houston police are searching for the group they say attacked the woman.

Saul Lara has operated his taco truck off of Hillcroft Avenue and Windswept Lane for the past five years.

He, like others who work in this area, are worried that violent crime seems to be happening more frequently.

"I think safety is an issue especially in this area because we started opening late and closing early just because of the safety issue," Lara said.

Late Sunday night, police say a woman who works at a taco truck was robbed at gunpoint and shot in the process.

"Her and her husband were working in a taco truck, several males came to rob the truck," Larry Crowson of the Houston Police Department said. "Sometime during the robbery, they fired one shot that just barely grazed the top of her head."

The attackers got away and police are searching for them. But in the meantime, other food truck vendors say you have to always be aware of your surroundings.

Police are searching the area for security cameras and have not released a description of the attackers.

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