Hostages fight back against SWAT suspect, allowing police to make arrest

By Vincent Crivelli - Reporter, Amanda Cochran - Social Media Producer

HOUSTON - A SWAT scene is over after police said a man who was holding several hostages, including a disabled woman and a baby, inside a southeast Houston home was taken into custody when the hostages overpowered him.

A 911 call from inside the home in the 4100 block of Grassmere Street was made around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday after police said a woman claimed a man choked her and was holding a gun to her head.

Authorities said the suspect is a man who lives there and he wasn't letting anyone leave the house, including a baby girl, a disabled person, the woman and two males.

"The suspect did not want to talk a lot to police. He wanted to talk about other issues, which is not uncommon," HPD Officer L.J. Satterwhite said.

VIDEO: Police give updates on SWAT situation

After several phone calls, at some point, the hostages saw an opportunity when the suspect was on the phone and put the gun down.

The hostages grabbed the gun and jumped on the man.

Police heard the commotion and entered the house. Officers said they saw the suspect on top of the hostages, struggling with them over the gun.

Officers were able to get the suspect into custody.

The hostages were released shortly before noon Tuesday.

The man, who is in his early 30s, has a history of mental health issues.

"We've dealt with him many times before, but nothing like this," Satterwhite said.

The suspect is being taken to jail. Police said charges are expected to be filed against him.

Police officers, K-9s and firefighters were on standby. Everyone in the neighborhood was hoping for a peaceful resolution as the standoff stretched past a sixth hour.

Neighbors said they have seen police at the home before. 

"That is tragic," neighbor Pamela Williams said. "I just feel that no one should have to go through that. No one."



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