SUV crashes into house

HOUSTON - A woman drove her SUV into a north Houston home where a grandmother and two young children were staying inside, police said.

Looking at the smashed garage and piles of bricks, Yaya Reyes couldn't help but think of how close of a call it was for her family. She said her mother-in-law, Nris Herrera, called her pleading for help from her home in the 1300 block of Rainy River Drive about 10:30 a.m. Thursday.

Herrera was watching two of her grandchildren inside the home when a Chevy Suburban plowed into her garage and front wall.

In shock, Herrera grabbed the children and rushed to the back yard and waited for Reyes to arrive.

"We ran to look for her and she was in the back yard crying and shook up," said Reyes. "The kids were crying. They were all scared."

Jaime Cardenas heard the crash from his house down the street and came outside. He said the driver also had a child with her.

"They crawled out real quick and they came in the front yard and people were crying," said Cardenas. "It was kind of sad."

Once Reyes realized her own family wasn't injured, she ran back to the front of the house to ask the driver what happened.

"She said she had blacked out and she lost control," said Reyes.

The family is now dealing with major repairs, but thankful to walk away unharmed.

Houston police said the driver, who was babysitting her 3-year-old female passenger, was not hurt. The child was not injured.

Officers issued the babysitter a ticket.

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