Suspected drunken driver accused of killing child in deadly crash in 2018

By Sally Mamdooh - Reporter

HOUSTON - Where Hammerly and Wirt roads meet is a painful reminder for Eddie Mendiola. 

“I try not to go down the street because it brings back memories,” Mendiola said. 

He said his son's short life is engraved in his mind. 

“I miss him a lot. There is not a day that goes by where I don't think about him,” Mendiola said.  

Alex Mendiola was just 11 years old when he lost his life at the intersection of Hammerly and Wirt in June of last year.

He was in his aunt's car with his cousins when police say 28-year-old Omar Ventura failed to yield and T-boned his aunt's car.

Court documents reveal Ventura was driving at the time of the crash while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Ventura's past shows this wasn't the first time he got behind the wheel intoxicated. In 2014, he pleaded guilty to a DWI case. 

Mendiola said even though he was not in the car the day of the fatal crash, he is now living with a less visible, permanent scar.

“I wish he would have made a better choice. I don't hate him, but I wish he would have made better choices because this is something that I have to live for the rest of my life,” Mendiola said. 

Ventura, who is not yet in police custody, is facing six felony charges related to the crash.

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