Survey says bad spelling and grammar can be a dating deal breaker

By Celina Gore - News Associate Producer

Singles may want to invest time in proofreading if they want to improve their chances at a relationship.

Dating site, Zoosk, surveyed 9,000 singles and found nearly half (48%) say bad grammar is a pet peeve in online dating. 

The survey revealed a slight divide between genders. Only 60% of men said grammar errors would hurt a relationship's chances, while 65% of women said the same. 

It also found 72% of participants were "turned off" by spelling mistakes, such as using "alot" instead of "a lot." Just over a quarter of those people say it means the other person is uneducated. Another 27% said it revealed that person is "lazy."

Regarding text messages, Zoosk found that sending "LOL" will increase response rates by 25%. Texting "YOLO," however, hurts response rates by 47%. 




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