Surveillance video shows car burglars

ROSENBERG, Texas - The Rosenberg Police Department is hoping surveillance video will help lead to the arrests of the suspects wanted in connection to a string of vehicle burglaries.

At least seven vehicle break-ins occurred between 7 p.m. Friday night and 7 a.m. Saturday morning in The Reserve subdivision off of Reading Road.

In three cases, officials said the thieves shattered windows to gain access. Four other vehicles had been left unlocked.

A homeowner's security cameras captured video of one of the suspects just before 5 a.m. In the video, a man was seen peering into a car in the driveway before moving on to a larger truck parked next to it. He then walked away, reappearing a few minutes later as he broke the passenger's side window and reached inside.

Jeremy Forks said the thief got away with little other than change.

"They left my Ray-Bans, they left my hat and my other valuables, but they took $2 in change," said Forks.

He estimated the cost of replacing his window at $200. Forks said the suspect was wearing gloves and his truck's alarm was not triggered because the suspect did not open its door.

Forks said he had the surveillance system installed a couple of months ago after two separate incidents that also involved his truck.

"You're sleeping in your home, not 20 yards from where it's happening. You want to feel safe at this home," said Forks.

The legs of a second person could also been seen in the surveillance video.

Anyone with any information on these burglaries is asked to call the Rosenberg Police Department or Fort Bend Crime Stoppers at 281-342-TIPS.

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