Support for home invasion victims

Second Defense Alliance helps homeowners with up to $50,000 in assistance

HOUSTON - Local 2 Investigates a new membership club that promises to offer immediate assistance to people who shoot a suspect during a home invasion.

Chad Waligura is an accomplished rifleman and hunter, and he's got the trophies to prove it.

In his home he has trophies of an antelope he shot in New Mexico, a deer he shot in Wisconsin and even a turkey he shot in Fredericksburg.

However, living alone in his El Campo home confined to a wheelchair, Waligura worries about defending himself against a home invasion.

What if burglars broke in and Waligura was forced to shoot them?

After the shooting what would he do next?

"You call 911 and then what?" said Waligura. He added, "No one knows what to do after that."

But now Waligura and homeowners like him have a new weapon.

For $11 a month, a company called Second Defense Alliance will help homeowners with up to $50,000 in assistance.

"We immediately start helping our members to try and get their lives back together," said Second Defense Alliance Chief Operating Officer Tim Brennan.

Brennan elaborated on what other services SDA offers, "A bail bondsman in case you've been taken away and you have to post bail to get back to your family. The other thing is cleanup. People just don't think about when the coroner leaves."

Membership also covers counseling and an attorney.

Local 2 Investigates reporter Bill Spencer asked Brennan, "Here in Texas, if someone enters my home and I shoot them down I am within my legal rights to do that. Why would I need your company?"

Brennan said, "You've defended yourself and possibly shot one or two individuals and they could be dead in your home. I would want an attorney."

But Houston defense attorney Paul Doyle said he doesn't see a need for the program.

"Somebody breaks into your house, certainly in Texas, and they get shot, nobody is going to get changed with a crime," Doyle said.

The chances of a homeowner facing criminal charges, Doyle said, is small.

"I think it would be a waste of money," Doyle said.

But Waligura said it's worth the $11 a month, "It's nice to have someone to call who's going to be on your side."
The Second Defense Alliance says it has 2,000 members. But Brennan says, so far, no one has needed financial assistance.

If you'd like more information on the program, click here.

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