Sugar Land residents protect against West Nile

SUGAR LAND, Texas - As a crowd enjoyed a Skeeters baseball game on Friday, Aug. 24, mosquito control trucks were spraying in Sugar Land to combat the growing West Nile virus threat.

That was welcome news for Oscar Araica. He took his son to the game and planned to camp out with him and his Boy Scout troop afterwards. He also brought reinforcements. "We're prepared. We brought repellent," said Araica.

Fort Bend County health officials are encouraging residents to enjoy the outdoors, but do it safely. They said use a good coat of insect repellent containing DEET, wear long sleeves and pants and remove standing water.

County health officials recommend reapplying repellent as often as you would reapply sun block when sweating or getting out of the pool if you engage in high energy outdoor activities such as swimming.

Mosquito control experts said joint pain, headaches, fever or vomiting are serious warning signs, and should be addressed with your doctor.

"Why take a chance? That is my explanation," said Dr. Rudy Bueno with the Harris County Mosquito Control. "Why take a chance? Just go get it checked out."

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