Sugar Land men narrowly avoid Colorado tragedy

Promise to parents may have kept them alive

SUGAR LAND, Texas - Two men from Sugar Land made a last-minute decision not see the premiere of Batman in Colorado, and that decision may have saved their lives.

Dax Nessosi and Brian Bannerman, both from Sugar Land, were on a two-week trip in the Grand Tetons in Wyoming when they decided to stay the night in Aurora, Colo, Friday, on their way back to Houston.

"We said, 'Well let's, since we're on vacation, go ahead and maybe stay and go watch the midnight premiere of Batman since the hotel is literally right across the street from the movie theater," Nessosi said.

Nessosi said they came as close as checking in on Facebook at the now infamous Century Theater.

"I had already mapped out how to get tickets for it. And, by the grace of God, I said, 'You know what? Let's just chill out at the hotel and we'll see Batman with our family back in Houston,'" Nessosi said.

Several weeks back, Nessosi said he and Bannerman had promised Nessosi's parents that they would see the Batman movie together in Houston. That promise may have saved their lives.

"I'm glad he kept his promise, Nessosi's mother, Biji said. "Otherwise it would be a different story here today. I'm kind of surprised myself that they weren't there. I know God was looking after them."

Nessosi said he and Bannerman realized just how close they came when they woke up Friday morning to the tragic news.

"Oh my dear God, that's the theater we were supposed to go to last night to watch the premiere of Batman. There is a moment where you pause and you kind of get the feeling that you didn't board the airplane that crashed," Nessosi said. "First and foremost, as a natural reaction, you say, 'Thank God it wasn't me,' and the second reaction is, 'My gosh. How tragic for these people.'"

Twelve people were killed and dozens more wounded when police said James Holmes, 24, went on a shooting spree at the midnight premiere.

Holmes was later arrested. Investigators said his apartment was booby trapped.

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