Subway worker says she was forced to serve food to customers while sick

Images of sick employee posted on Facebook

By Syan Rhodes - Anchor/Reporter

FREEPORT, Texas - A Subway restaurant worker says she was so sick that she was vomiting, but was ordered to keep on working and serving people food.

Word of what happened at the restaurant in Freeport spread quickly as a former worker shared her story about being forced to work while being sick with a stomach virus.

"I was going back and forth to the bathroom, puking my guts out," Elizabeth Taff said. "I was sweating, I was drenched in sweat. I felt weak."

Taff was having more than just a "bad day at work" and told her manager, but the manager ordered her to get back on line.

"So until about one o'clock, I was on the line making sandwiches and she knew I was sick," Taff said.

Taff says things got worse and she headed outside where another employee came to her aid, called for an ambulance and took pictures. Those pictures were posted to Facebook with a caption that read "If you planned on eating Freeport Subway today I advise not to, I witnessed an employee vomiting and her manager telling her to just switch shirts."

Someone else posted the story to Subway's Facebook page where the social media team replied "This certainly should not have happened. We take this very seriously."

Taff says her boss should have sent her home.
"So I was touching everybody's sandwiches I'm like ‘This ain't right.' I had gloves on but that doesn't matter," Taff said.

Taff said she did not leave work on her own because she was afraid of losing her job.

She did end up getting fired after that, but Subway tells KPRC Local 2 it was due to poor performance and insubordination. They would not comment on Taff's claims.

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