Suburban neighborhood target of car break-ins

KATY, Texas - Deputies have released pictures of men that investigators believe are behind a string of car break-ins in a suburban Houston neighborhood.

Investigators said the men broke into 24 cars during the same morning at the Grayson Lakes subdivision.


The burglaries all happened during the morning of April 25.  In all but one case, the vehicles were unlocked. "They jumped the fence, there were three vehicles in the driveway and they rummaged through every single one. They took my son's bicycle out of the back of my Suburban and went through my garage," said Jill Smock.


Victims said the suspects left doors cracked in order to keep quiet. Though the suspects managed not to wake neighbors, the string of crimes itself has been a wake-up call."


We're such a small community and everybody looks out for each other and everybody feels pretty safe out here.  We're putting on alarms. We're locking doors.  We're taking it seriously now. It's scary," said Amanda Holguin.




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