Study: Houston dangerous for pedestrians

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - Houston is high on a list of cities where it's dangerous to walk. According to a new study, our streets make the top ten list of most deadly for pedestrians.

More and more, we are reporting on deadly auto-pedestrian crashes in the Houston area. And now with a newly released study by the National Complete Streets Coalition and AARP, it proves the reality -- it is dangerous to be a pedestrian around Houston.

"It reinforces the need for safety for pedestrians and different type of design for roads in our area. It's not just people walking getting from point a to point b on foot, it's also for bikers and the mom pushing the stroller," said Juanita Jiménez-Soto, with the AARP.

The study says over the past decade in the Houston metro area there were 1,034 pedestrian deaths.

Houston made number seven on the overall pedestrian danger list. Orlando was number one followed by Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Memphis and Birmingham. Houston was actually lower on the list in years past.

So why is the city going in the wrong direction?

"A lot of it has to do with population growth. This area is booming. Obviously we have a lot to offer and so more people are here so there are more people on the roads," said Jiménez-Soto. "Also our population is aging. We have 50 plus and a lot of people cannot afford a car or cannot drive anymore."

The AARP says some of the ways these numbers could be turned around are road designers paying more attention to walkers, bikers and those who use public transportation who often times cross major intersections.

Many of these cases are hit-and-run fatal crashes, a type of crash police say they are working to curb.

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