Study: Congestion at nation's largest airports to get worse

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - With continued airline consolidation, a study by Cambridge Systematic suggests some airports could see a holiday-style rush a couple of times a week throughout the year.

The airports named in the study include Chicago O'Hare, Phoenix, Houston Bush, Charlotte and Newark just to name a few.

While the study is meant to give travelers a heads up, frequent fliers we spoke with at IAH say they don't expect things to change too much.

"No problem at all. I go through Atlanta and through here [IAH] two or three times a year and it's great," Rick Sproule said.

Jeremy Fike was flying from IAH to Philadelphia on Wednesday and said "It's gotten better each time I've gone. I think people get used to the routine and everybody is more prepared."

The COO of the Houston Airport System, Lance Lyttle said he doesn't expect too much congestion even though IAH continues to grow.

"We will continue to evolve, we do our forecasting so we have an understanding of the number of passengers of what we expect over the years and we plane accordingly," said Lyttle.

Bush Airport is United Airlines' largest hub with more than 600 daily departures and flights are stilling be added.

Airport officials say at IAH there is room for growth and expansion is planned over the coming years to accommodate more passengers.

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