Students head back to class despite Memorial Day holiday

By Marisa Breese - News Producer, Gianna Caserta - Reporter

HOUSTON - Many students headed back to school Monday morning despite the Memorial Day holiday.

Due to a weather make-up day, students in the Houston area returned to class Monday morning.

Parents and students, alike, were divided about whether it was right to deny the students the scheduled three-day weekend.

"I don't agree with it; they should go to school an extra day rather than going on Memorial Day," said one HISD parent.

Others believed the snow days earlier in the year justified making the national holiday a normal school day.

"They missed two days due to the snow storm, so it is okay," said another parent whose student headed back to class on Monday.

School officials said students would have Memorial Day-themed activities to remember the holiday.

Administrators promised to hold special ceremonies, ROTC presentations, and letter-writing campaigns for military men and women.

Students were torn about the extra day.

"I don't think we should have school. Most people don't have to work," argued HISD student Agustin Cantero.

Not all students minded spending another day in the classroom.

"I think it is alright. We have to do the work, usually, so it is alright," said HISD student Pravin Panta.

The Houston School District said parents weren't required to send their children to school, but added that the absences may be unexcused.

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