Students endure power outage, bomb threat rumors

Hoax threat at Sterling High School called into Baytown Police Department

BAYTOWN, Texas - It was a stressful day for students, teachers, and administrators at Sterling High School in Baytown on Friday after the building lost power and rumors of a bomb threat spread throughout campus.

Extra police patrolled the school after a threat was called into the Baytown Police Department on Tuesday.

Students said they never received specific details, leading to several rumors.

"I just heard we were on lockdown but actually had no idea what was going on," said Alex Carachua.

"Supposedly there was a threat," said Avi Mendoza. "I've heard so many stories in there. The power was off, kept every in classrooms, bomb threat."

A spokeswoman for the Goose Creek School District said the power outage and threat weren't related.

Police later determined the threat was a hoax, but kept extra security on campus throughout the morning as a precaution. The district didn't notify the parents because the threat turned out to be false.

Baytown police said the department was unable to trace the call. No charges have been filed.

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