Student punished for fighting alleged bully

VICTORIA, Texas - A teen in Victoria Independent School District will start alternative school Monday after confronting a bully, his father said.

"Nobody had been helping him and you can only push someone so much," said Randy Duke. "And he pushed back and it got into a fight."

Duke said his son Max, 13, has been targeted by his bully for more than two years.

"He had already been taunted by this kid this day and he just stood up and confronted him. He said, 'What is this?'...And the kid just shoved him. He got to the breaking point. He'd had enough."

In a press statement, Diane Boyett, a district spokesperson, said federal privacy laws in place for students prevent the school district from commenting on the incident.

"Speaking in general terms, however, we can emphasize that if a parent feels their child is a victim of bullying, a report needs to be made," Boyett said. "School administrators will conduct a detailed investigation."

Duke said his son's alleged bully had been reported to the district, but that his son was still punished to 30 days in alternative school for the fight. The father protested the school's decision on the sidewalk in of Cade Middle School Friday.

Max Duke, 13, said the punishment means he will be prohibited from marching with the high school band Friday night. The teen said it would have been a rare honor.

Duke said he has filed an appeal to the district's ruling.

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