Student helped officers capture Lone Star College stabbing suspect

Steven Maida held suspect Dylan Quick until police arrived

CYPRESS, Texas - An alert student is being called a hero after chasing and then tackling the man suspected of stabbing more than a dozen students at Lone Star College's Cy-Fair campus, holding him until police arrived.

As hurried students ran away from the chaos, Steven Maida ran toward it.

"This girl comes, 'My friend's been stabbed.' I'm like, what'd she say?" Maida recounted.

Maida said through the confusion he saw one student with what looked like a hole in her cheek. He said he saw another with a stab wound to her throat.

Someone pointed out the suspect and Maida took off, running after him. Other students followed, pushing suspect Dylan Quick to the ground.

"As soon as we knew he was caught, he said, 'I give up, I give up' and I just sat on top of him and just asked him, 'Why did you do this? What made you want to stab these people in the face?'

"I wanted to hit him, but something said, if it's not OK for cops to hit him, why would I?" Maida said.

With the suspect in custody, Maida then snapped two photos with his phone -- one of the suspect on the ground and the other of himself, sitting in the back of a police car, on his way to the station to be interviewed.

The pictures quickly turned Maida into a hero on social media. But Maida said he's just glad he reacted.

"It dawns on me now, like, I'm glad I did that," Maida said.

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