Student gears up for prom date with Houston Texans cheerleader

Senior from Crosby High School asked cheerleader on Twitter

HOUSTON - You might expect a high school football player to get a cheerleader to go to prom with him, but you don't expect that prom date to be an NFL cheerleader.

Thanks to Twitter, one lucky senior from Crosby High School is gearing up for his prom date with a Houston Texans cheerleader.

After a little nudging from his friends in class, 17-year-old Mike Ramirez worked up the courage to get on Twitter and ask Texans cheerleader, Caitlyn, to be his prom date.

"I direct messaged her and asked, 'If I get 10,000 retweets, would you go to prom with me?'" Ramirez said.

Caitlyn agreed.

"I didn't really think it would explode quite that fast," Caitlyn said. "But tons of people were re-tweeting."

It took about 27 hours for Mike to get the 10,000 retweets he needed.

True to her word, Caitlyn confirmed their prom date.

"I'm excited," Caitlyn said. "I feel like I'm back in high school. I get to pick out a dress. I get to get my hair and makeup done. I get to ride in a limo. I think it's can be a great time I'm really looking forward to it."

Ramirez has some prepping to do himself including choosing the perfect outfit.

"I'm thinking maybe a Texans colored suit," Ramirez said staring upward. "Red bowtie or some red shoes and a blue suit -- Texans colors."

Ramirez adds that this experience has taught him a life lesson.

"Some stuff might seem impossible but it's not," Ramirez said. "You just got to take risks and something will pay off."

Prom night is May 10.

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