Student arrested, accused of threatening to bring gun to school

Eleventh grader charged with felony

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - A Madison High School eleventh grader found himself standing in front of a judge, accused of making serious threats at his high school. 

Austin McClendon, 17, is now charged with a third degree felony.

"This defendant stated that he would come up here, meaning the school, with his AK-47 and shotguns and blow this b*** up," said the prosecutor in court. "Gonna get his Colt 45 and blow this f****** school up."

It's unclear why McClendon allegedly said those things, but school administrators took it very seriously and called the police.

The eleventh grader was arrested and taken to jail. The judge told him he could do even more time.

"Your honor, may I ask a question," McClendon said in court. "What class felony is this?"

"Third degree I believe," said the judge. "If convicted it carries the possibility of prison time."

According to information read in the courtroom, McClendon has been suspended but it's unclear what will happen to him long term. 

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