Strong winds, Arctic blast to hit Houston area

GALVESTON, Texas - Winds have been whipping over 20 miles per hour around Galveston. Wind gusts have been measured close to 40 mph at Scholes Field in Galveston.

A cold front drove the wind to advisory levels Tuesday across much of southeast Texas.

Gale warnings will be active Tuesday night into Wednesday morning because the seas could build to six feet near the shore and 10 feet offshore.

Along the sea wall, the blustery conditions are a positive or a negative depending on what direction you are going.

"It was tougher going [north]," explained John Binienda who was walking his toddler Tuesday afternoon. "We are getting the wind behind us now, so it's smooth sailing going back home."

Even fishing wasn't a challenge for some on the windy day.

In fact, the Daniels were celebrating a very special occasion at the 61st Street Fishing Pier.

"This is our anniversary," exclaimed Sandra Daniels, "and I asked my husband to take me because I've never fished before. I crab, but I don't fish. So this is my first time fishing, and it is fun."

"The fish don't know it's windy," joked Marvin Daniels," and they don't know if it is raining, so I don't care. I like to fish."

Yellow flags were waving non-stop warning beach goers it may not be safe to go swimming; however, surfers see these strong winds as an opportunity to catch some great riding conditions.

"Usually before a cold front you usually do," said Tim McBride, a surfer trying to catch some waves Tuesday afternoon. "You usually see a lot of stuff coming in from the South and it kind of draws [the waves] up before the cold front. Usually it's really good."

Behind the crazy winds will be the frigid arctic air that will bring us unseasonably cold temperatures. Many people will be dusting off their heaters and switching them on as our overnight lows will plunge into the 30s.

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