Strangers help local widower

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HOUSTON - About a hundred Houstonians, mostly car enthusiasts, gave up their Saturday to help a man they know only as John.

An image of John holding a sign that says "My wife died in March. I can't live on 1 Social Security Check. No drugs or alcohol" has gone viral. Since his wife died in March, John has been standing on the street corner of San Felipe and Voss.

On Tuesday, one of those drivers, Michael Cole, saw the man's sign.

"This is when that intuitive nudge from within, that little voice, was not a voice anymore," Cole said.

Although Cole doesn't know the man's last name or what he once did for a living, he said he felt moved to do something kind for him. With the help of Facebook, Cole rounded up his friends from local car clubs to help raise money for the man getting by on less than $200 dollars a week.

The group met Saturday at a restaurant on Fondren and Westheimer and raised about $1,500 dollars for John.

"I don't have any family, but I got the largest family in the world -- called Houstonians. I appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart, I thank them," said John.

Cole said he plans to set up a PayPal account in the upcoming days for anyone else who'd like to help John.

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