Stranger approaches student at bus stop

HOUSTON - Parents and students at a middle school are on alert after a stranger danger incident was reported.

On Monday, a student at Highlands Junior High School, 1212 East Wallisville, said she was approached by a strange man while she was standing at a school bus stop at Oak and Clark streets.

The student said the man spoke to her in Spanish and she didn't understand what he was saying.

Eventually the man left, but the student reported the incident to police because she felt frightened and threatened.

The school principal, Kevin Foxworth, sent a note home to parents Tuesday afternoon.

The statement said, "I hope that you will talk with your children about this important safety issue. Please remind them not to talk to strangers and never to get into a vehicle with anyone unless they have permission from you. Principals and teachers will be reinforcing this message at school."

A representative for the Goose Creek Independent School District told said that there will be more security patrols at bus stops and school resource officers will remain vigilant.

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