Storm leaves damage across Trinity County

TRINITY, Texas - People living in Trinity County are cleaning up after severe weather hit the area Thursday.

"The roof was right over there where the guys were standing. It was anchored and it just come up and come on over," said Michael Robinson, who owns Kash Kars.

The winds were strong enough to pick up a car port and throw it several yards -- hitting a parked car, breaking its windows, and denting the roof. Much of the damage was on the west side.

"Almost like a train," said Tenola Murray. "It was clear and then all of a sudden it got dark and it was raining real dark."

The winds knocked trees and branches onto power lines, leaving many people, like the Murray family, without power.

"From the looks of it, it will be several days," said Murray.

The National Weather Service blamed the damage on straight line winds.

Entergy Corporation hoped to have power restored to all customers by midnight Saturday.

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