Store owner gives thief chance to return items

Owner involves police after no response from thief

CONROE, Texas - The owner of the Naughty NNice adult novelty shop in Conroe offered the person who stole hundreds of dollars worth of items from the store Saturday a very rare opportunity. Instead of taking the video of the robbery straight to police, the shop's owner decided to give the thief a shot at redemption

"I don't know if he had just the bad intentions of wanting to go out and be a bad boy or what, but it's not going to happen here," said the owner. "Everybody makes mistakes. I just wanted to give him the option to do the right thing."

In hopes the man would simply return what he stole, she plastered his picture all over her store and Facebook, along with a message.

"You have three days to make it right," she said. "If you're not here by Wednesday, then I'm going to call Channel 2 News."

Wednesday came and went, along with his grace period.

"He just walked out the door," the clerk who was working that day said of the thief. "He just bolted. Just picked it up over the shelf and just bolted. I immediately started crying. I was so upset because I've never had that happen to me before."

Now, Conroe police are involved and said they won't be as forgiving as the shop's owner.

"I gave you a chance and you chose not to take it. You're on your own now," she said.

The clerk said the guy actually gave her a credit card to pay for the stuff before he walked out, but that card came back declined. It was later found that the card had been stolen.

Witnesses said the thief got away in a black Toyota sedan.

Anyone who knows the identity of the novelty shop thief is asked to contact Conroe police.

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